Jul 27 - 30 2021
Write Your Own Script!

Write Your Own Script!

Presented by On Pitch Performing Arts at On Pitch Performing Arts Center

In this class, you’ll learn the basics of scriptwriting and write an original scene to share with your parents or guardians on Showcase Day! In this class, we’ll be dedicating time to writing a scene between two characters using the methods we learn day by day! On our final day of class (July 30th), we’ll be reading our scenes in our Showcase for Parents and Guardians! We will dedicate the last 55 minutes of class to our Showcase and show off our new writing skills!

Admission Info

Each of our summer camps in the summer camp explosion is only $75 OR you can get an *unlimited pass for $299 for the full summer! There are 14 camps to choose from and each one will be taught be experienced teachers to give the students the best theatre education. Please read all information at the bottom of this page for the Unlimited Summer Camps Pass. All camps have a minimum enrollment of 4 if that enrollment is not met your registration fee will be returned.

Dates & Times

2021/07/27 - 2021/07/30

Additional time info:

Tuesday July 27th

● Storytelling 101!-Learning how to create stories out of small ideas

● Meet your main character-What does your character want? What does our character need?

● Combining characters and story-What challenges does your character face? What does your character learn? Why will your character win?

● Writing Time!-Daily writing time to put these new ideas into practice! Working on your scene for the Showcase.

Wednesday July 28th

● One scene at a time-how to break a story into scenes

● Who should be in a scene? What characters will be there? What do they say? What do they choose not to say?

● Adding flavor to your scenes

● Writing Time!

Thursday July 29th

● Let’s teach your characters a lesson!-What do your characters learn from the story? What does the audience learn?

● Create a meaningful midpoint

● Writing Time!

Friday July 30th

● Working on Showcase Scenes!-Partner up to prepare your Showcase Scenes

● SHOWCASE TIME!-Reading scenes for parents and guardian

Location Info

On Pitch Performing Arts Center

587 N Main St, Layton, UT 84041

Parking Info

Parking available on all sides of the building