May 21 2021
Aug 28 2021
Sean Kenney's Nature Connects

Sean Kenney's Nature Connects

Presented by Thanksgiving Point at Thanksgiving Point

Ashton Gardens at Thanksgiving Point is proud to welcome Sean Kenney’s Nature Connects made with Lego® bricks! This amazing, value added exhibit will be on display in Ashton Gardens from May 21 through August 28.

Sean Kenney is a renowned, award-winning artist and “professional kid” who uses LEGO pieces to design and create contemporary sculptures for high profile clients, major corporations, and venues around the globe for more than 15 years. Each sculpture is built by Kenney and his team of nearly 10 artists who work in their professional studio based in Brooklyn, New York. The sculptures are fully glued, steel reinforced, custom-curated and durable to withstand the life of the exhibit.


Nature Connects at Ashton Gardens features 15 sculptures made from LEGO pieces. Each sculpture is built entirely with LEGO pieces. The amazing pieces will feature the following:

Ant Hill
12,990 LEGO bricks
80 hours to complete

14,802 LEGO bricks
200 hours to complete

Bonsai Tree
9,143 LEGO bricks
90 hours to complete

Corn Spider
16,492 LEGO bricks
135 hours to complete

45,562 LEGO bricks
215 hours to complete

Doe and Fawn
37,879 LEGO bricks
215 hours to complete

Galapagos Tortoise
23,317 LEGO bricks
290 hours to complete

Gardening Granddaughter
11,294 LEGO bricks
202 hours to complete

Gardening Grandfather

35,646 LEGO bricks
334 hours to complete

Hummingbird Feeding from Trumpet Flower
61,107 LEGO bricks
265 hours to complete

Monarch on Milkweed
39,708 LEGO bricks
425 hours to complete

Pansy and Bee
29,314 LEGO bricks
280 hours to complete

68,827 LEGO bricks
625 hours to complete

Roseate Skimmer Dragonfly
27,788 LEGO bricks
515 hours to complete


29,900 LEGO bricks
205 hours to complete

Admission Info

Included with Ashton Garden admission, Free for Thanksgiving Point members.


Dates & Times

2021/05/21 - 2021/08/28

Additional time info:

Sean Kenney’s Nature Connects®

May 21st – August 28

Monday – Saturday 9 am – 8 pm
Early Closures: July 7, 3:30pm

Closed Sundays

Location Info

Thanksgiving Point

3003 North Thanksgiving Way, Lehi, UT 84043

Parking Info

Free Parking