Oct 15 - 22 2021
Dracula (Drive-In Show)

Dracula (Drive-In Show)

Presented by Salty Dinner Theater at Buffalo Wild Wings in Layton

A super funny Halloween show where you’ll be anticipating the ending! Each night, the audience will choose how they would prefer the story to end!! The perfect Halloween date or unique family outing!

Please don’t make out in your car with the actors standing so close…save that for later

As per currant COVID-19 restrictions, this will be staged as a drive-in. Expect a full, regular Salty show, but you will watch and eat from the comfort of your car.

Dinner sold separately!!

This event will take place at a restaurant parking lot. You will place your orders via text message and the food will then be delivered right to your car!

October 15 @ 7pm, Buffalo Wild Wings in Layton (Outdoor patio show)
October 22 @ 7pm, Buffalo Wild Wings in Layton (Outdoor patio show)

Admission Info

Non-season ticket holders, $32 per car.
Reservations required! As this is a drive-in event, one “ticket” is good for one car and costs the same as two tickets to a normal show.

Dates & Times

2021/10/15 - 2021/10/22

Location Info

Buffalo Wild Wings in Layton

695 W SOUTH RING RD, Layton, UT 84041