Apr 29 2014
We Are Scientists

We Are Scientists

Presented by Kilby Court at Kilby Court

It was the kind of bar where nobody nice goes on the kind of street where nobody nice lives, which is probably what made it so cheap, which is definitely what made We Are Scientists take meetings there. Not that Murray and Cain were cheap, but they could do math just fine. If they were sticking a quarter into a video game machine, they’d just as soon the thrills last for more than thirty seconds. Same with buying a lady dinner. Of course it had been a long time since video games or dinner with a lady cost a quarter, and anyway they weren’t looking for video games or ladies, except in the deep-down quiet way that men always are. They were looking for a producer. Murray & Cain, they’re the guys who started We Are Scientists 13 years ago.

Admission Info

 $13/General Admission

Dates & Times

2014/04/29 - 2014/04/29

Location Info

Kilby Court

741 W Kilby Ct, Salt Lake City, UT 84101