Nov 01 2014
Big Wild Wings Album Release with In Color and Sar...

Big Wild Wings Album Release with In Color and Sar...

Presented by Kilby Court at Kilby Court

In March of 2012 the members of Big Wild Wings had their first contact in Wendover, Nevada. Amidst a wild night of gambling until the sun came up, drunken words were exchanged about playing a little music together, “one of these days,” and lucky enough those days came fast.

By May they’d finally found the time in their schedules to actually get together for a jam. For those who may not understand the subtleties of the word “jam,” the word implies that you’ll get together and play once, at least; a test-run of sorts, but with no commitment or guarantees. One jam was fun, so it turned into two. Two quickly became three, and three became more. By the third jam, the three-piece had easily written two, full-length songs. Their immediate chemistry transformed jamming into “practice,” (a more sincere word) which begged for the next step: a band name. 

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2014/11/01 - 2014/11/01

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Kilby Court

741 W Kilby Ct, Salt Lake City, UT 84101