Jan 31 2015
Feb 21 2015
SHIFT Sequel Series: Do-It-Yourself Filmmaking

SHIFT Sequel Series: Do-It-Yourself Filmmaking

Presented by SHIFT at Spy Hop Productions

Do-It-Yourself Filmmaking:

If you can’t buy creativity – then inspire it! Join us to explore innovative, indie film style low-budget solutions to successful filmmaking in the classroom. Turning broom sticks into boom poles scratches only the surface of the do-it-yourself filmmaking tricks of the trade, from homemade dollies and jibs to lights, lightbulbs and cool effects. Join professional filmmaker and Spy Hop instructor Colby Bryson on this bigger bang for your buck filmmaking journey. (If available, we encourage you to bring your own video camera, tripod, and audio recording equipment as working with your own gear makes the hands-on your reality.)

Stop Motion Animation:
From whiteboard illustrations to claymation, puppets to construction paper cutouts, this cinematic process brings inanimate objects and digital storytelling alive. For beginners and intermediate filmmakers, our stop motion guru, Adam Sherlock, will work with you on two and three dimensional planes, showing you how to use stop motion effectively in your classroom. Always a favorite amongst students and teachers, come discover how this illusion of movement can add an artistic flair to your productions.

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2015/01/31 - 2015/02/21

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Spy Hop Productions

511 West 200 South , Salt Lake City, UT 84101