Jan 12 - 26 2015
Tai Chi Chuan

Tai Chi Chuan

Presented by Cache Valley Center for the Arts at Unknown

Tai Chi Chuan is one of the world’s most popular arts of self-healing and illness prevention. As a way of healing, Tai Chi Chuan exercises, loosens, and makes flexible the muscles, sinews, and “attitude” of the entire body. Tai Chi Chuan also aims to soften, strengthen, and straighten the spine. As a meditation Tai Chi Chuan calms and focuses the mind. As a way of developing and renewing body energy, the use of Tai Chi Chuan heightens sensitivity to the influences of such natural forces as water, air, and gravity. As a martial art Tai Chi Chuan offers an effective means of resolving conflict without the use of force. Tai Chi Chuan develops, renews and reconditions the body in a slow, natural, and gentle fashion.

Class taught by Kayo Robertson, senior student of Benjamin Lo and director of the Bear River Tai Chi Chuan Society.

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2015/01/12 - 2015/01/26

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