May 06 2015
Jun 24 2015
Roaming: Three Utah Photographers

Roaming: Three Utah Photographers

Presented by Brigham City Museum of Art and History at Brigham City Museum of Art and History

Three premiere Utah photographers embrace serendipity as well as predictability in the images on view in the Brigham City Museum’s exhibition “Roaming” May 2 through June 24. In their photos, Robert Hall, Barry Parsons and Michael Slade absorb such spectacles as the Viking Graveyard in Sweden, Bottleneck Peak and Navajo Arch in Utah, Cape Royal in Arizona, Mission Espada in Texas, Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming and the cloud-spattered skies over St. Kitts in the West Indies. Hall lives in Lehi; Parsons, Wellsville; and Slade, Riverton.

            The museum is located at 24 North 300 West. The entrance is on the west side. Admission is free. Hours are Tuesday through Friday 11am-6pm. and Saturday 1-5pm. For further information, please phone (435) 226-1439 or visit

            Hall’s range of output widens continually because of visits since 2005 to Southeast Asia to photograph the urban sprawl in China where traditional Chinese life meets the new economy. He titled this portfolio “Ghosts of the Elders.” Hall has also traveled to Chennai, India, since 2006 to photograph the city’s buildings that date from the 7th and 8th centuries: ancient temples and rock carvings. In addition, he has documented the missions in San Antonio, Texas.

            For the museum’s exhibit “Roaming,” Hall has submitted images taken in France and the West Indies as well as Arizona, California, Idaho, New Mexico, Texas and Utah. The artist uses large format cameras to create his photos.

            Some of the subjects that inhabit Parson’s digital prints are a wind farm, a cemetery for reverends and a cell block row, all in Idaho, an old store in Montana and an abandoned pier in Utah. The photographer believes there are some themes you cannot exhaust, thus he returns time and again to shoot in the City of Rocks in Idaho as well as Antelope Island and Rozel Bay in Utah. Some of the natural glories Parsons has turned his camera on include Deep Canyon in Utah and Bear Trap Canyon in Montana. All of these images will be in the exhibition.

            There is strong emotional content in the photographs that Slade has produced over the years during his travels worldwide, specifically a family history project in Sweden. His views of Sweden in the exhibition include the “Church and Cemetery in Frosthult,” “Mill and Stream in Komstad” and “Old Fishing Boat in Ramma.”

            Slade’s awareness of the world also consists of Utah landmarks where he photographed “Panoramic View from Stansbury Island,” which is the second largest island within the Great Salt Lake. Slade has been visiting the lake’s shores, islands and hidden places for nearly 20 years.

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2015/05/06 - 2015/06/24

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Brigham City Museum of Art and History

24 North 300 West, Brigham City, UT 84302

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