Jun 12 2015
Oct 03 2015
Justin Carruth: Depart

Justin Carruth: Depart

Presented by CUAC and Salt Lake Film Society at Broadway Centre Cinemas

In an exciting new partnership, the Salt Lake Film Society is dedicating a large portion of the Broadway Centre Cinemas lobby for the exhibition of contemporary art curated by CUAC.

Exploring the range of meaning of “to depart,” Justin Carruth’s paintings are a vibrant yet dark collection of portraits and memento mori. With a complex word that conveys both a person’s leaving and someone’s passing, Carruth acknowledges the complexities within his own experience and memory and his singular interpretation of meaning. He concedes that an environment or situation inevitably evolves after our observation of it, leaving our capacity to relate to another’s experiences necessarily incomplete. 

Undergo, with its push and pull between visual clarity and incoherency, mimics the emotionally saturated experience of losing somebody, and is an intentionally confusing and unsettling exploration of death, transition, and human interaction. The accompanying works echo these themes, but with a narrowed focus, isolating figures and objects that contemplate time and memory blurred with elements of fiction. 

The works in Depart also represent a departure in Carruth’s creative process. In the past, Carruth frequently painted from photographs, and this particular kind of reference point largely directed the look and feel of his paintings. Deliberately wanting to change how he chose to “see,” his new works explore what transpires when the reference is altered. In this new body of work, his subjects are often further obscured or removed from the viewer through perspective and process. Seen from afar or from the side, or through multiple layers of rendition (each one further from the “truth” of the original subject), Carruth creates evocative images that resist our desire to see and to comprehend.

Carruth began drawing early in his life and over time has embraced diverse media. At the core of his practice, however, is a love of painting and the highly emotional response it can produce in the viewer. Carruth’s works have been featured in solo and group shows throughout Utah and nationally. 

This is CUAC’s second exhibition at the Broadway Centre Cinemas. CUAC and the Salt Lake Film Society are teaming up to present a new model for presenting contemporary art to a wide audience by dedicating a large portion of the Broadway Centre Cinemas lobby for the exhibition of art curated by CUAC. This exciting partnership emphasizes the dedication SLFS has to presenting art-based film in our state and allows CUAC’s compelling exhibitions of contemporary art to reach a growing audience.

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2015/06/12 - 2015/10/03

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Broadway Centre Cinemas

111 East 300 South, Salt Lake City, UT 84111

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Parking available in the parking structure to the east of the theater. Validation available up to four hours.