Sep 24 2015
Oct 31 2015
McCoard's Corn Maze and Zombie Paintball Patrol

McCoard's Corn Maze and Zombie Paintball Patrol

Presented by McCoard's Garden Center at McCoard's Garden Center

This is the third year we have created a corn maze for the fall. The corn maze has three different mazes at varying levels of difficulty and length. The Kids Maze is .3 miles long, our Adventurous maze is 1.4 miles and the Insane maze is 3.3 miles. The Corn Maze Admission allows you access to all three mazes.

We have designed the maze to be an interactive activity that makes a trip inside the maze more than just a haphazard stroll. McCoard’s Mystery Maze is sponsored by McCoard’s Garden Center. 

ZOMBIE PAINTBALL PATROL: The Head Farmer at McCoard’s Garden Center began experimenting with the cross-breeding of plants, hoping to create a new breed of corn that would never die, even if deprived of sun and water – then everything went horribly wrong. There was a big chemical spill which affected all of the people working in and around the greenhouses. The people who survived haunt the greenhouses at night, feeding on human flesh. They appear to be walking dead men or ZOMBIES!!!

That’s why we need your help.  We’ll send you out in teams to kill as many zombies as you can. If you see someone infected, shoot to kill or you may not survive the night. Here’s your chance to play paintball without the pain of getting shot.  Our Zombie Patrol trailers allow you to shoot LIVE zombies WITHOUT the return of live fire. Suitable for families and all age groups.

Admission Info

Corn Maze General Admission:
Adults (10+): $9.00
Child (9 – 3): $6.00
2 and under: FREE

Zombie Paintball Patrol Admission:
All Ages $15.00
No group rates offered for the Zombie Paintball Patrol.


Dates & Times

2015/09/24 - 2015/10/31

Location Info

McCoard's Garden Center

384 South 3110 West, Provo, UT 84601