Sep 26 2015
Soulwoks Autumn Equinox Fair

Soulwoks Autumn Equinox Fair

Presented by SoulWorks and YouthSource at Dancing Cranes Imports

The Autumn (Fall) Equinox is a symbolic period of journeying and a perfectly manifested time to honor your journey thus far as you reflect, rebalance and recalibrate. It’s about going within and taking stock and inventory of our lives and facing our own darkness, even during the painful events we go through as well as about changing the way we think, feel, and act in the small, everyday things of life.

Join us at the SoulWorks Autumn Equinox fair as we come together to help navigate you through this energy and season of change. It’s never easy to acknowledge things that’s past its due date and to let them go. But this truly is a perfect time to do so and manifest the desires you want and deserve.  let our professional psychics and holistic practitioners help you do just that. And while you at it take in a workshop, do a little shopping throughout Dancing Cranes store, relax in Café Solstice and have a bite to eat.

Some of the services offered at the fair:

Past Life Readings

Angel Card Readings

Psychometry Readings

Tarot and Oracle Card Readings

Medium Readings

Crystal Lyre Healing Gridwork

Spirit Guide Readings

Soul Purpose Readings

Channeled Readings

Palm Readings

Medical Intuitive readings

Energy Balancing

Numerology Readings

Animal Mediumship

Animal Communication

Horary Astrology

Bio-optic holography Sessions

Rune Readings

Akashic Record Readings

Seated Chair Massage

Art Therapy Drawings

Sehoona Transition Healing

Iching Readings

Animal Totems Readings

Vendor booths and more.

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Dates & Times

2015/09/26 - 2015/09/26

Location Info

Dancing Cranes Imports

673 East Simpson Avenue, Salt Lake City, UT 84106