Sep 09 2016
Volbeat with Killswitch Engage

Volbeat with Killswitch Engage

Presented by United Concerts at The Complex

For much of their career, Grammy-nominated Danish rock band Volbeat (est. 2001) have been critically celebrated and commercially rewarded for their unique and inimitable fusion of classic rock ‘n’ roll, heavy metal, and rockabilly. The band distilled its disparate influences —everyone from Johnny Cash to Elvis Presley to Metallica to Slayer into a fresh, thrilling sound that quickly separated itself from the pack and from peers. The patented formula, which is actually anything but formulaic, lead to four No. 1 singles at the Active Rock format and 2010’s Beyond Hell/Above Heaven being certified Gold in the United States. The most memorable rock music functions best and resonates most fervently with fans when there is an authentic, fully beating heart at its core and pumping blood and adrenaline through its veins. That has always been the case with Volbeat and such remains true with their sixth album Seal the Deal and Let’s Boogie.

The album is frontloaded with groove-centric, stadium-sized riffers that invoke emotion and inspire singing along. Volbeat’s sound is distinct as DNA —you hear a vocal line or a sonorous riff and you know it’s Volbeat— and it remains flawlessly executed. Overall, the songs crackle with catchy melodic Rock imbued with Volbeat’s signature sound. The album is also fully immersive, inviting listeners along for the sonic journey via an intricate labyrinth of characters and deftly established storylines featuring characters from New Orleans’ turn-of-the-century voodoo scene. The album stimulates every sense, be it base or highly evolved. Therefore, Seal the Deal and Let’s Boogie defies categorization.

Singer/guitarist and main song writer Michael Poulsen is thoroughly excited about how the album demonstrates the progress and development of the Volbeat sound, which the band has been perfecting for over a dozen years. Yet he is quick to note the album’s tone and theme is “spiritual with sarcasm” and he invites fans to read between the lines when it comes to processing that lyrical skew. Sonically, he points to melodies that are more upfront while still distinctly Volbeat and it’s as though each prior album was the launchpad to get to this point.

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2016/09/09 - 2016/09/09

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The Complex

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