Historic Downtown Brigham City

Historic Downtown Brigham City

Association/Club/Group - History/Heritage - Nonprofit

Website: https://www.visitbrighamcity.org/


 95 S Main Street, Brigham City, UT 84302

This site is maintained by Historic Downtown Brigham City, a non-profit Main Street program and public service organization. Our mission is historic preservation and economic development. We organize art and cultural events and activities that will revitalize our historic downtown.
Historic Downtown starts at the LDS Tabernacle and Temple at 300 South and extends along Main Street to the recently restored Academy Conference Center at 100 North and encompasses one block East and West. Other historically significant buildings and landmarks in the city are included in our outreach.
Finding a balance between economic sustainability and historic preservation is always a challenge. We welcome your input on our activities and programs. Please subscribe to our newsletter, attend our meetings, and get involved.

History belongs to all of us and our old buildings and landmarks connect us to that history. Let’s work together to find ways to preserve and prosper.

Thanks for taking time to learn about Historic Downtown Brigham City.

David & Donna Walker – Volunteer Directors