Salt Lake Symphony

Salt Lake Symphony




 8058 S. Bryce Dr. , Sandy, UT 84070

Founded in 1976, the Salt Lake Symphony is one of the area’s most highly respected volunteer driven orchestras. The Salt Lake Symphony is a non-profit organization dedicated to performing quality classical music concerts for the Wasatch Front community. Now in its 24th year, the Symphony performs approximately 15 concerts per year. Seventy-six hard-working musicians volunteer approximately 10,000 hours annually to accomplish this goal. Although the members of the Salt Lake Symphony come from all walks of life and frequently work full-time in other professions, they hold one thing in common: They play for the love and passion of music. Their dedication as volunteers sets them apart and creates a unique bond. The Salt Lake Symphony has many regular patrons who choose their concert series simply because they enjoy the spirited performances. Concerts are very economically priced, although additional donations are certainly welcome! They invite you to experience the combined talents of this fine orchestra and attend their next concert.