Moab Studio Tour

Moab Studio Tour


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 548 East Locust Lane, Moab, UT 84532

2008 marks the fifth year of the Moab Studio Tour, a unique event designed to bring artist and art-lover together in the spaces where the art is born. For thousands of years, Moab, Utah and its grandeur have attracted artists and those who appreciate the arts. It is commonly understood that life is art. This certainly includes the natural beauty of canyon walls, desert flora and fauna, red rock pinnacles and arches, along with ancient pictographs and petroglyphs, and contemporary artists? interpretations of these natural wonders.

Area artists also draw inspiration from the exciting human history of the Colorado Plateau. This includes the exploits of early adventurers, Native American rituals and teachings, and the lore of cow-boys and girls. Artists are also inspired by the enthusiasm of river runners, mountain bikers, climbers, jeepers and other modern day outdoor recreationalists. You can find it all in Moab during the Studio Tour, and throughout each year.