Swaner EcoCenter

Swaner EcoCenter

Educational - Nonprofit - Special Events - Sports/Outdoors

Website: http://www.swanerecocenter.org/

 (435) 649-1767


 1258 Center Drive, Park City, UT 84098

With 1,200 acres of breathtaking open space nestled amidst expanding development, Swaner is a refuge for an abundance of wildlife. Over 10 miles of trails offer recreational opportunities for mountain bikers, hikers, birdwatchers, fishermen, snowshoers and photographers. Fostering the delicate relationship between people and nature is at the heart of managing this community treasure. The EcoCenter is the greenest building in Utah, a symbol of Swaner’s ideals and values, and a powerful expression of their relationship to the environment.

It is a place for reflection, enlightenment and celebration. With expanded programming for youth and adults, interactive exhibits, an innovative theater, and space for unique events, the EcoCenter is designed to inspire a deep respect for the natural world. At Swaner, they understand how the health and beauty of the natural landscape heightens our quality of life. Their environmental ethic is reflected in their architecture, in their programs, and in the face of every child who crosses their threshold and wonders at nature’s mysteries.