Frontier Homestead State Park Museum

Frontier Homestead State Park Museum

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 635 N Main St, Cedar City, UT 84721

As the new town square, Frontier Homestead State Park is the setting where members of the community come to share experiences, learn, and connect with each other. The park will realize its vision by adherence to the following values:

Stewardship: We will strategically plan for long-term sustainability of the resources entrusted to us. We will secure adequate funding and infrastructure to preserve, exhibit, and interpret the Museum’s extensive collections; and maintain sufficient resources to readily host community events, celebrations and public programming. We believe safeguarding our past is the foundation by which future generations will thrive.

Relevance: We will be an integral member of our community, creating dynamic and inspiring exhibits and programs that are important to the lives of our audiences. We will continue to benefit future generations as a vibrant, inclusive institution that is fully involved in the life of Iron County and Southern Utah. Our work to increase awareness and appreciation of history lays the groundwork for a strong, resilient community.

Professionalism: We will be leaders in superior customer service and industry practices. Staff and volunteers will continue to expand their experience and training in order to provide quality assistance to all our patrons.

Fiscal Responsibility: We will conduct the business of the park within our financial means, and seek to enhance and diversify our economic base where possible. We hold that cultural heritage is a demonstrated economic asset and essential component of a vibrant financial market.

Communication: We will utilize the latest technology to more effectively and efficiently advance the activities of the museum. We will fully integrate our website and social media platforms to foster a strong digital presence. Staff will actively engage visitors onsite and online.

Diversity: We will engage people of all ages, ethnicity, religions, economic circumstances, and education to provide a broader relevance to our museum. History enables citizens to discover their own place in the stories of their families, society, and country. By bringing history into discussions about contemporary issues, we foster a better understanding of multiple perspectives on the challenges facing our communities.

Management/Administration: We will strive to expand our staff in order to realize the full potential of our mission and vision, thereby meeting ever-increasing public utilization of the park. We employ history to provide leaders with inspiration and guide posts for meeting the complex challenges in a rapidly changing world.

Park Facilities & Grounds: We will dedicate sufficient resources to the development and care of the structures and lands entrusted to us. We recognize that the park infrastructure is the basis for effective resource stewardship and the vehicle for our public service activities.