V2 Presents

V2 Presents

Website: http://www.v2presents.com

 445 S. 400 W., Salt Lake City, UT 84102

V2 Events is the leading dance music promoter in Utah and the core of Salt Lake City’s thriving dance music scene. For nearly a decade, V2 has produced the biggest dance music events in the state, showcasing the most prestigious DJs in the world in an environment dedicated to quality.

Based in Salt Lake City, V2 Events was formed in 2005 by partners Jeremy Moreland, & Brandon Fullmer, after a 5 year span of the 2 producing smaller dance music events in the Salt Lake area. The company was founded on the vision of combining top-notch talent with innovative production to bring an unrivaled experience to dance music lovers in Utah and beyond. All these years later, this commitment to quality and innovation has made V2 one of the leading dance music production companies in America.

V2 produces several large scale festivals annually, including Legends, Das Energi, Transmit, Get Lucky, Get Freaky, Audio Circus, & more. Each fully themed festival brings thousands of dance music enthusiasts together to witness some of the most highly regarded acts in the industry complemented by cutting-edge production. V2 also produces premier dance music concerts and club events in Utah all year long, dedicated to pushing the envelope of top-notch entertainment you can’t find anywhere else.

While the heart of V2 is event production, the company is committed to developing the North America dance music community as a whole. To achieve this goal, the company has expanded into artist management to offer DJs and producers local, national, and international event bookings.

While V2 has grown and expanded immensely throughout the past decade, the company continues to operate based on one core mission: capturing the heart and soul of dance music through world-class events.