Centro Civico Mexicano

Centro Civico Mexicano

Website: https://www.ccmut.org/?fbclid=IwAR1YE9GyExFXPlOidBIQqMy5YZ2FiFTXRgWh17IuICWBX9ir8ipGK9bYsBk


 155 South 600 West, Salt Lake City

Centro Civico Mexicano (CCM) is more than a building. It is a symbol representing the spirit of Mexicans who came to America with “orgullo”, proud to be Mexican, yet prepared to defend and contribute to their adopted homeland. CCM was formed in the 1930’s by proud immigrants from Mexico who migrated to the Salt Lake City area to work and raise their families. They wanted a place where they could meet together to dance, have fun, and hold celebrations. During this pre-civil rights era they faced discrimination practiced by local building owners who refused renting to Mexicans who sought a place to celebrate their annual traditions and cultural festivities. Centro was founded because of their commitment to perpetuate their culture and to help improve the lives of Mexicans.