Website: http://www.jswendlingart.com


 Brandon Park Drive, Sandy, UT 84092

John Wendling graduated from California State University with a Masters Degree in Education. But while persuing a college degree, he became a self-taught artist  painting in acrylics with his emphasis  focused on mainly portraying the human figures in a thought provoking style. His  developement as an artist was assisted by one of his parents who was an artist of landscapes in Hawaii. Later on,  he  became intrigued with the manipulation of oils and studied Fine Arts in colleges in Utah and continued to refine his studies in the professional artists’ studios of Kamille Corry, Hein Academy of Arts and Susan Jarvis.

He sees his art as a way to show the inner feelings of the human spirit and convey that to the viewer. To him, art is an expression of symbolisms through color and composition as stated through the Victorian artists of the 1800s which have had an influence on his artistic expression.