Historic Sandy Community Garden

Historic Sandy Community Garden

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Website: http://wasatchgardens.org/node/101


 500 East Locust Street, Murray, UT 84070

A few years ago, a group of like-minded neighbors pulled together to form the Historic Sandy Community Garden. Their purpose was two-fold: to give people a great place to garden, and to help cultivate a stronger sense of community. By either measure, the garden has been a significant success.

After its first two seasons, the garden was moved to its current location—a privately owned, quarter-acre parcel set in the heart of the Historic Sandy district. The Historic Sandy Community Garden currently offers 23 plots that can be rented individually.

Each season, the gardeners dedicate at least one plot to grow produce that is donated to the Copperview Community Center’s emergency food pantry. The Historic Sandy Community Garden also features a pumpkin patch where gardeners grow heirloom pumpkins in preparation for the garden’s annual Pumpkinfest held at harvest time!