The Populace Project

The Populace Project

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 Ogden, UT 84403

A series of exhibitions to break the boundaries museums and galleries, as well as our society, have created.

Within our culture institutions, such as galleries and museums serve as the venue for art to be displayed and viewed. But these places have, throughout history, held specific connotations. The role of a museum is, ideally, to collect and educate—this mission being aimed at the community. Although these places claim to represent the community members, elitism has attached itself to the world of art collection. Many feel the inability or lack of prestige to step across the threshold of said institutions; and many of these institutions themselves, intentionally or not, reinforce this sense of exclusion. Participating museums and galleries are denying, in important ways, their responsibilities to serve the people. This series of projects aims break those boundaries and create a new “aura” in places more familiar to the community. During these exhibitions, the viewer is given the opportunity to view art in a more comfortable and inviting way.