Mystery Escape Room

Mystery Escape Room

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 645 N Coventry Ln, Alpine, UT 84004

Mystery Escape Room is a business offering live escape room adventures to the public. Mystery Escape Room is is located in The Gateway Mall in Salt Lake City, Utah. If you have never done a Live escape room adventure, you are in for a new exciting entertainment adventure. Live escape room experiences are unique. Unlike other entertainment venues like movies, theater and video games, you are not just watching a story or virtually experiencing a story, you are in a story. It is up to you and your other group members to solve the mystery before time runs out. As one of our participants put it, "I feel like I am in a movie!"

Participants receive a background story and then are placed in a themed room containing a number of puzzles, clues and riddles. The story unfolds as they work together to unravel the clues and solve the mystery. The objective is to solve and follow the clues to find a way out of the room before time runs out.

Puzzles and clues in the room may include puzzle boxes, secret compartments, and other fun hands on experiences. There might be math, science, logic and word puzzles that must be solved. Each room is designed to challenge groups of 6 to 12 people for an hour of fun. We design each room so that everyone can participate and contribute to the success of the group.

Unlike other escape rooms Mystery Escape Room hires voice actors who monitor the room and create an ongoing dialogue with participants. This gives the room a more realistic and sometimes suspenseful atmosphere. It also enables us to give hints to the group so excitement is always at a high level.