Miss Mary's Historical Museum

Miss Mary's Historical Museum

Educational - History/Heritage - Kids/Family - Nonprofit

Website: http://www.salinacity.org/miss-marys-museum-in-salina/


 204 S 100 E, Salina, UT 84654

Miss Mary’s is a historical museum located at 204 S 100 E, Salina, Utah, 84654.  It is a historical museum that protrays the early settlers of Salina and the surrounding communities of Redmond and Aurora.  The building itself is historical, having been built in 1884 as a Presbyterian Church and later used as a school.  It is a certified Utah Museum with artifacts, pictures,. and histories depicting the early settlers.  The collection inclues early settlers and their everyday home and family life.  Ii includes histories of  industries, agriculture, business, cultural events, professions, schools, etc.  The focus is from 1865 until approcimately 1946. It is a very interesting and educational experience.

For more information you may call:  Museum 435-529-4108 during open hours or call one of the following after hours: Sylvia, 435-529-3673 or Linda, 435-529-7063.