24 Tubes

24 Tubes is a pattern generating kinetic sculpture. It starts with a single unit; a tube implementing a simple up/down motion. Through the precise control of this motion and the repetition of the tube 24 times, what initially registers as a simple system takes on complexity, growing with each new pattern generated. Perhaps the most distinguishing trait we have as humans is our ability to recognize and decipher patterns. In 24 Tubes, you watch the obvious patterns take shape, but strain to interpret the movements of the system even one or two seconds into the future. It is this juxtaposition, both of the simplicity of the single unit against the complexity of the 24 as well as the clarity of what was just seen against the uncertainty of what will come next that stimulates the wonder in the system. As each pattern offers a new take on this interplay, the result is a unique experience every time the sculpture runs.

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Medium type: Metal

Date created: 2017

Location Info

150 College Ave

150 College Ave, Ephraim, UT, 84627