Angle of Incident

This project had two areas identified as appropriate for art. One was the enclosed lobby area created by the semi transparent roofing of a space between the old building and the new facility. The other was the curved walkway wall outside the new theater / lecture hall that faces a large plaza toward the student union.

Angle of Incident as described by Gordon Huether:

“Angle of incident; the angle at which a light ray strikes a surface, measured between the incoming rays and a line, perpendicular to the surface.”

Seen in perspective, art, science and philosophy are expressions of the same basic intuitions. Titled Angle of Incident, the six suspended glass sculptures, designed for the Science Learning Center atrium, addresses all three.

Strong, spare line and masses of saturated spectrum hues achieve an expressive style and gives an interpretive view of the “science of light.” The interplay of light and shadow is one of the artist’s most effective tools, and this particular artistic approach is intended to offer the eye a place where mind and spirit converge.

The choice and handling of materials could not be more appropriate to illustrate refraction and defraction. The fact of the Dichroic glass being applied in strips results not only in the spreading of light around the edges, but in a color change. The distinctive nature of Dichroic glass is found in its ability to manipulate light in two different ways; color is transmitted through the glass, and complementary colors are reflected from the surface.

The science and technology, called thin film physics, that is used to create this glass, becomes our opportunity for artistic magic, and results in pure, rich color, alive with the spirit and energy of the light spectrum. We have chosen the six transmitting colors of magenta, blue, yellow, cyan, red and green.

The use of sculpted metal to express directional light waves, playfully becomes black rays, or the absence of light, and presents a dramatic quality with strong visual impact. A bold distinctive graphic style, combined with and innovative approach to glass, work together to make Angle of Incident a treat in physical optics. The graceful, suspended, curved panels of glass are on the same radius of the skylight. This “detail” does much to reinforce the building’s visual identity.

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Medium type: Glass

Date created: 2001

Dimensions: 6 @ 36" x 120" each

Location Info

1400 Old Main Hill

1400 Old Main Hill, Logan, UT, 84322