Another Beautiful Day Has Dawned Upon Us

While a library is many things, for most, the essence of a library is its collection of books and manuscripts. And what is the essence of a book (whether bound or digital) but writing? Without writing, there would be no history and no civilization. This work incorporates text from six diaries in the Marriott Library collection of the Westward Migration. Excerpts of the text from these pioneers embedded in the glass adds layers of meaning and context to the art within the site of the library. The graphic and textural quality of the writing are also an important part of the overall design and presentation. The work is not only an extension of the architectural intent—transforming the louvered wall into a work of art—but refers specifically to the history of this area of the country and the Marriott Library’s important collections.

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Medium type: Glass

Date created: 2008

Dimensions: Variable

Location Info

295 S 1500 E

295 S 1500 E, Salt Lake City, UT, 84112