The ‘Emergence’ project, built in 2018, extends our interest into structural and spatial logics. It is installed in the main gallery of the new SLCC Westpointe Campus building in Utah. The project spans over 20-feet long and 16-feet high, with a total weight of 350 lb. The structural concept for the installation is that of a hybrid system, which is only partly attached to the gallery wall, and partly suspended from the dropped-ceiling cavity of the gallery. The combination of these distinct structural systems allowed for a spatial continuity of the project by blending aspects of figure/ground, which then visually challenged the notion of gravity.
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Medium type: Metal

Date created: 2015

Dimensions: 20-feet long and 16-feet high

Location Info

1060 N. Flyer Way

1060 N. Flyer Way, Salt Lake City, UT, 84116