Kinetic Commitment (Exterior), Memories In Motion ...

Kinetic Commitment (Exterior), Memories In Motion ...

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 3800 California Ave, Salt Lake City, UT, 84104

Kinetic Commitment is a series of seven steel rings, arranged in a simple pattern reminiscent of a large fire hose. The unbroken circular shapes represent the unity and teamwork required by firefighters. Three of the rings are inscribed with words from the Department’s mission, and are mounted to swiveling bases, providing a kinetic, constantly changing quality. This installation represents the firefighters’ work, which is filled with movement, responsiveness, and focused direction. Memories in Motion is a series of aluminum rings, varying in depth, composed on printed wood panels. The varying depths of the rings provide a fluid and undulating feel, reinforcing the kinetic concept of the exterior installation. Inside each ring, a portion of a large image of firefighters is visible. When viewed from a distance, the entire scene is evident whereas when viewed from other angles, the rings and imagery become abstractions of color. The installation serves as a starting point for Fire Station 14, allowing firefighters to place new images of their experiences within the rings, thus creating a constantly changing mural that documents the legacy and memories of the station.

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Medium type: Aluminum - Steel

Date created: 2018

Dimensions: N/A

Location Info

3800 California Ave

3800 California Ave, Salt Lake City, UT, 84104