Utah Harvest

This work, entitled “Harvest,” presents three windows in time. In the sky of the vast Utah landscape the artist depicts three constellations, figures that historically represent the different ways man has harvested his needs from the land. The first window shows the ancient one, an Indian, bending toward the earth, drawing nourishment directly from the natural landscape. He represents our early harmony with nature. The second window depicts a pioneer, as he turns the soil, coaxing his existence from the land. He portrays endurance in the physical struggle to modify his landscape. Finally, window three gives a contemporary look at our relationship with nature, where we process the necessary elements from the land for our technical needs. In this window, a technician works beneath the raised computer floor connecting communication lines, a network built on silicon and copper for information exchange through electricity and light. The design for these was built on elements and patterns found in the Utah landscape from petroglyphs to the Capitol building itself.

View more from the Utah Public Art Program here: https://artsandmuseums.utah.gov/public-art-collection/

Medium type: Unknown

Date created: 1990

Dimensions: 3 panels @ 60" x 40" each

Location Info

350 N State St

350 N State St, Salt Lake City, UT, 84114