Hela Seegmiller Historic Farm

Hela Seegmiller Historic Farm


Website: https://www.sgcity.org/parkstrailsandcemetery/cityparks/helaseegmillerhistoricalfarm

 2592 S. 3000 E., Saint George, UT 84790

Hela Seegmiller Historical Farm was built on land that was a workable farm owned by the Seegmiller Family.  The Seegmiller family gifted the land to the City of  St. George so that the city would build an historical farm with the look of the original homestead.

There is a barn (pavilion) which holds 134 people and has 19 picnic tables in it.  It is the perfect place to have a picnic, a family reunion, wedding, reception, or to just go sit and enjoy the area.  There are goats, chickens, and cows that live at the farm.  There is also an orchard and garden area.  The eggs from the chickens and the fruit and vegetables harvested there are donated to Switchpoint.  It’s a beautiful place to walk around and enjoy the peace of the farm.

Location Info

Hela Seegmiller Historic Farm

2592 S. 3000 E.

Saint George, UT 84790