Art Access Gallery

Art Access Gallery



 (801) 328-0703


 230 South 500 West #125, Salt Lake City, UT 84101

The Art Access Gallery provides opportunities for artists with disabilities to access the mainstream of the arts community by exhibiting their work with that of artists without disabilities. Although focus remains on artists with disabilities, artists without disabilities are also welcome to apply for exhibition, as are artists who represent other under-served communities such as: the elderly, persons living in poverty, and youth at-risk. This inclusive approach allows Art Access to level the playing field, thus encouraging gallery visitors to appreciate artists with disabilities as, first and foremost, talented artists. Student work is sometimes shown in the gallery in addition to adult pieces. Area school groups and other organized groups and individuals can schedule time to come into Art Access to learn about the art being exhibited, the mission of VSA arts of Utah, and to gain insight into the backgrounds and philosophies of the artists exhibited.


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Art Access Gallery

230 South 500 West #125

Salt Lake City, UT 84101