HawkWatch International

HawkWatch International

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 2240 South 900 East, Salt Lake City, UT 84106

HWI conducts education programs using live raptors to stress the essential importance of nature's complex inter-relationships, the value of raptors as environmental barometers, and to promote environmental awareness and responsibility. In 2001, they reached over 40,000 people though their programs for schools, universities, community groups, and businesses in Utah, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas, Florida, and Wyoming. It is inspiring to see a person's eyes light up when they see a live hawk close-up. The encounters facilitated by their educators between the public and their magnificent education birds impart to the audience their responsibility to ensure that our shared environment remains a place where both raptors and humans can thrive. We also educate over 10,000 visitors each year at our migration study sites on topics such as raptor migration dynamics, the importance of raptor conservation, and raptor identification skills. In addition, site visitors are frequently treated to a close encounter with a wild, banded raptor prior to its release…an experience that often sparks a flame for wildlife conservation that burns for a lifetime.

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HawkWatch International

2240 South 900 East

Salt Lake City, UT 84106