Ogden High School

Ogden High School

Website: http://www.ohs.ogdensd.org/

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 2828 Harrison Boulevard, Ogden, UT 84403

Ogden High School is ranked the third most beautiful school, architecturally, in the nation. The complex and intricate architecture can be traced to ancient Assyria, with the sculptured multicolor plaster designs borrowed from the ancient Moors. The tri-tone plaster artwork seen in the auditorium was done by a well know Utah decorator, H. H. Clawson. The heavy plaster walls were acoustically designed so that the sound would not echo in or penetrate them. The walls in the rotundas are made of marble from the hills of Tennessee, and the wood trim is made of black walnut, shipped from the hardwood forests of the middle west.

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Ogden High School

2828 Harrison Boulevard

Ogden, UT 84403