Comedy Sportz

Comedy Sportz



 (801) 377-9700

 36 W Center St, Provo, UT 84604

Ready for a night you’ll never forget? Come to ComedySportz Utah in historical downtown Provo. Open for 19 years and counting we promise you live entertainment that’s fun for the whole family and a stocked bar…of candy and soft drinks. Whether you’re going out with your friends, that special someone, ladies night, or stag, our fun interactive atmosphere and good vibes guarantee you’ll have a fantastic evening.

Our trained comedians interact with our audience unlike any other show in town. When’s the last time a movie or concert took your suggestion and displayed it instantly on stage in some hilarious and memorable manner…that’s right never. Only ComedySportz Utah takes your suggestions for 90 minutes and makes a truly unique experience everytime!

So why is it called ComedySportz if we don’t play sports? It’s comedy done as a sport. We have a RED TEAM and BLUE TEAM who compete throughout the show for the audience’s laughter and affection to win points. At the end of each round every audience member claps, cheers and points at the Team or player that they want to give points. Our referree, based on volume and enthusiasm, awards the points accordingly.

We also have MR. VOICE and Improv Music that add to our comedic scenes; various fouls are also used in the show like the “Groaner” and “Brown-bag” fouls. It’s 40 minutes followed by a 10 minute half-time and we finsh with another side-splitting laughter filled 40 minutes. At the end of the night the final score is tallied and our champions are announced to end the show.


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Comedy Sportz

36 W Center St

Provo, UT 84604