Utah Food Bank

Utah Food Bank

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 3150 South 900 West, Salt Lake City, UT 84119

Utah Food Bank was founded in 1904 as the Salt Lake Charity Association. Over its 100 years of operation under various names and in various forms, Utah Food Bank has remained committed to serving Utah's citizens in need.

The Salt Lake Charity Association's objectives were, in part, "to become a center of intercommunication between the various charitable relief agencies in Salt Lake City, to foster harmonious cooperation between them and to check the overlapping of relief work"; "to discourage the growth of pauperism and grafting"; "to promote the general welfare of the needy"; "and to undertake the care of all charity cases that are not cared for by some one else" (original Articles of Incorporation, and Salt Lake Tribune October 24, 1904). By unanimous vote, Simon Bamberger was selected as the first chairman of the association. He later served as Governor of Utah from 1917-1920.

There has been an interesting evolution of the organization since that beginning in 1904. From historical documents that exist, it appears The Salt Lake Charity Association later became the Charity Organization Society (1912) and in 1924 the Community Welfare Council.

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Utah Food Bank

3150 South 900 West

Salt Lake City, UT 84119