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This acrylic on wood painting and relief piece focuses on five general areas of human scientific inquiry. Starting at the bottom, the general areas explored by the painting are: physics (waves, cyclical patterns, spectrum of visible light); chemical and microbiology (DNA double helix, Moneran, Protist, and Fungus interwoven into a grid pattern to suggest the interconnected nature of living things, ecology); macrobiology and humans (plant-sego lily, animal-butterfly, and human); geology showing geological surface features around Cedar City, cross-sections of the earth, and lunar phases bridging between the earth and astronomy); and astronomy (an absorption spectrum of the sun and an abstraction of a spiral galaxy). Throughout the piece, intense colors symbolize the “fires of creation” and the varied but connected realms of human discovery.

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Medium type: Wood

Date created: 1993

Dimensions: 28' x 6' x 6"

Associated artists

Allen Bishop
Allen Bishop


351 W Center St, Cedar City, UT

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