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Gabriel Tallent

Gabriel Tallent was born in New Mexico and raised on the Mendocino coast by two mothers. He struggled in school and was diagnosed with ADD and Dyslexia. As a young person, he was an uneven student but read a great deal, mostly Greek drama, ancient philosophy, and pulpy SciFi novels. He attended Willamette University where he studied critical theory and wrote his thesis on the discursive construction of desire and marriage in Samuel Richard’s Pamela. He graduated with a BA in English, got a job scrubbing toilets at Target, and started work on a novel. Later, he moved to Utah, worked at the Alta Lodge, and wrote in empty rooms between shifts. The stories “Men Against Violence,” and “At Risk” were published by Narrative Magazine and “The Fallen Caryatid” was published by The St Petersburg Review. His novel, My Absolute Darling was published by Riverhead in 2017. He lives in Salt Lake City with his wife, Harriet.

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