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Isaac Vazquez Avila

Isaac Vazquez Avila is one of those interdisciplinary artists. Avila’s artistic style is difficult to pinpoint and that’s just how he prefers it. The indistinguishable peculiarity present in his pieces is what comes naturally for him. Fitting into a specific bracket of style is last on his list of priorities.“I don’t really care too much about trying to define it or find a very specific cemented explanation about my work,” Avila said. “I think the fun part is for someone else to see it and think to themselves, ‘Maybe this is what this piece means. Maybe this is what’s going on here but I’m not sure.’ The doubt and uncertainty that art can bring is what I feel is important.”Avila was born in Mexico City, raised in Salt Lake City and has been living in the Bay Area for the past 16 years. The materials he incorporates into his sculptures are often found around the city, whether it be a flyer, pieces of paper, or a wooden frame someone happened to leave out on the curb. Avila is constantly drawing inspiration from his surroundings and names that quality as a typical mark of an artist.“Part of what it is to be an artist is being curious and aware of your surroundings,” Avila said. “So if I’m out, I can’t help but notice the spaces that I’m in and maybe things that I can pull from them to use in my work. I’m just always on the hunt for those kinds of things.”

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