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Marcia Connell

I paint what intrigues me most, mysteries of the spirit, the invisible and intangible, so my paintings are often steeped in symbolism. It’s up the beholder’s interpretation to see what they will. I seek to portray that state of mind that resides somewhere between wake and dream, where all things are possible. I want to enchant the viewer into my world…with a hint that more is happening than what you first may see. Biography I have been interested in art for as far back as I can remember and I have always been particularly fascinated by natures "little details". As a child of 2, my first drawing was of a fish. It wasn’t abstract like most children’s drawings but was complete with fins, gills and scales. Unfortunately it was drawn on my Mother’s kitchen blackboard used for recipes. It remained as long as the elements would let it. I studied Fine Arts at Weber State University in Utah and it was there that I became enchanted and inspired by the works of some of my favorite artists Mackintosh, Klimpt, Parrish, Mucha and Rodin. I have often been told that my art is reminiscent of theirs and to me that is a wonderful compliment. I have heard that imitation is the greatest form of flattery and although I don’t seek to imitate any of them specifically, I do try to learn from, draw upon and develop elements of their art that I find particularly appealing. It is my desire to express, inspire and pass along within my art, that realm of enchantment, mysteries and knowledge that brings fo

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