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Chinese Railroad Workers Descendants Association

Chinese Railroad Workers Descendants Association

The Chinese Railroad Workers Descendants Association (CRWDA) is a national, membership based, charitable organization which seeks to preserve, promote and protect the contributions made by Chinese railroad workers to the United States. Through our educational and philanthropic efforts, we support academic research, historic preservation and artistic projects that further the understanding and appreciation of the sacrifices, struggles, hardships and contributions made by generations of Chinese and Chinese Americans to the United States.


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  1. Thanks for all the wonderful information about the 150th Anniversary of the Central Pacific & Union Pacific railroads.


  2. Somewhere I read that at the famous photograph event 150 years ago, the Chinese workers were excluded from being in the photo. Could you please confirm that is what happened. Many thanks


    • Vincent, please inquire with the organization directly at:
      Thanks, Now Playing Utah


    • Here is one source to find this information: Please see the article describing how photographer Li Ju worked to duplicate photos of the building of the Central Pacific Railroad. There are other sources of this information also.

      “Parallel photos commemorate Chinese railroad workers in the US”
      By Daniel Xu

      “Contrary to the common

      View more


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