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Kausachun Peru

Kausachun Peru

The Peruvian Dance School, Kausachun Peru, whose Quechuan name means ?Long Live Peru!? was registered with the Utah Dept. of Commerce on May 22, 2002.

This organization began with two people, and has grown into a folk art institution made up of Peruvians, many of whom have ample experience and skill in the Peruvian folk arts, and who are the teachers and choreographers of this institution.

The prime objectives of Kausachun Peru are: to redeem and to make known the art of Peru by way of the dances of Peru?s three regions (coast, mountain, and jungle), and the unmistakable beauty of their costumes, all of which are made in Peru, and hand embroidered; to motivate their children and youth to take interest in their roots, and their rich heritage, to occupy them with positive activities, and avoid the loss of their traditions in the future generation; to present a positive image of Hispanics and contribute their part to that culture.

They also wish to keep alive their customs by holding brief classes on the Quechuan language, the Peruvian history, their myths and legends. Soon they hope to bring together a small library, stocked with Peruvian literature, history, etc. that will enable them to remember what is theirs.

They call their place, located in West Valley, the Peruvian corner. They are friends, they help each other and encourage each other when they are together to reach a stage where they can freely express themselves, bringing their stage with them wherever they are invited

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