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Old Crookston Home

Old Crookston Home

The ?old home? has passed directly down through five generations of Crookstons? finally to me in 1999. The land was homesteaded by my great-great grandfather Robert Burns Crookston sometime in the 1870?s. He and his family came to Utah in 1852 from Scotland, via Nauvoo, and located to Cache Valley in 1862. His son Nick ended up with the quarter section and commenced to build a home.

The materials used to build the home were obtained from Logan Canyon. Logs were floated down the river to Brown?s Roll-off and then hauled down the canyon 28 miles on wagons pulled by horse and mule teams. The second part of the home was completed in 1898. A screen sleeping porch and front porch were soon added. Barns, liveries, workshops and a chicken coop were built. In 1973 the home was listed in the Century Register of the Utah Historical Society, as a state historical landmark.

Today 12 acres are left. The field is now filled with pheasants. There is also a one-half acre pond that is a habitat for ducks, marsh birds, bass and trout.

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