Ellen Adamson

Ellen Adamson


Website: http://ldyellen@yahoo.com

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   2207 South Main Street, Salt Lake City, UT, 84115

Ellen Adamson – Costume Mistress Ellen is the Costume Mistress at the Academy of Performing Arts. From age 7 to 67, Ellen has always taken the blue ribbon for her costume creations! Ellen is a loving mother and grandmother who has always adorned her children in prize winning costumes in parades, Halloween costume contests and winter carnivals. Ellen was a headline performer in the 60’s throughout the Western United States. She has always possessed an ability to entertain an audience with her talent in dance, costuming, music, and sets, and was featured on Art Linkletter and Paul Harvey. Ellen has worked as a psychiatric nurse and was the co-founder of a program working with troubled teens. Throughout the years, Ellen has worked with various charitable organizations and has designed several prize winning parade floats. She has been with the Academy from its inception, lending her superior talents for their creative, stunning costumes in productions such as the Little Mermaid, Jungle Book, and The Lion, the Witch, and The Wardrobe.