Mar 25 2017
Saturday Scavenger With Bubble Group Chat App

Saturday Scavenger With Bubble Group Chat App

Presented by Bubble Group Chat at Everywhere

Get your teams of 5-10 together on the Group Chat app Bubble and compete in a one-day-only scavenger competition! Complete different tasks to earn points and win epic prizes at the end of the day! It’s a great way to celebrate Spring in Utah by getting out and having fun with friends!
1st Place: Day passes to whatever theme park you choose for the entire team!
2nd Place: Movie night on Bubble! 10 tickets and 70$ in concessions!
3rd place: 2 pizza’s delivered to your work/school/home with love from Bubble!

So get started and add the official Bubble Points keeper to your bubble at to be fully registered!

Admission Info

This event is FREE! And open to everyone! Just add to become fully registered.

You may also direct any questions to the official Bubble Score Keeper above once you have added them to your bubble.

Phone: 435 901 4442


Dates & Times

2017/03/25 - 2017/03/25

Location Info