Jun 12 2017
Aug 28 2017
Nature Preschool - Summer Class

Nature Preschool - Summer Class

Presented by Wee Humans: Nature Preschool at Wee Humans: Nature Preschool

Wee Humans: Nature Preschool follows the structure of European “Forest schools” where the children spend most of the school time in the outdoors — learning through interaction with nature. These types of schools have many benefits including reducing obesity, protecting psychological well-being, increasing positive social skills, and increasing positive attitudes toward nature and the environment. Our preschool uses nature to teach children valuable skills needed to succeed in school and life. In this fast-paced, technology-driven society, children need time outside in a natural environment. Wee Humans: Nature Preschool provides that opportunity. Our curriculum addresses three important areas of development: Mind, Body, and Soul. Mind: We use a developmentally appropriate curriculum to address kindergarten readiness across all domains of development. Body: Children love to use their bodies, so we incorporate yoga into every class. Nutrition is another way to honor our bodies, so a healthy organic meal is provided. Soul: Respecting each other and the natural world is build into each class time. We even have on-site chickens and a garden.

Admission Info

Booking summer classes for Wee Humans: Nature Preschool. Children ages 3-5 can participate in a hand-on class where we incorporate developmental¬†learning with nature, yoga, nutrition, and most importantly….play! Classes are $35 each and include a healthy, organic lunch. This is a drop-off class and parents are not required to attend.

Phone: 801-494-7894

Email: weehumans@gmail.com

Dates & Times

2017/06/12 - 2017/08/28

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Wee Humans: Nature Preschool

2275 Hollywood Ave, Salt Lake City, UT 84108