Jul 20 2019
Synchronicities Super Saturday Conscious Awareness...

Synchronicities Super Saturday Conscious Awareness...

Presented by Synchronicities at Synchronicities

Join Synchronicities every Third Saturday of the month for these amazing monthly High Vibration Oneness events!

Each quarter Synchronicities will host three absolutely beautiful Community Oneness Centered Events! These Super Saturday events will alternate between The Conscious Awareness Readings and Energy Work Fair, The Conscious Awareness Local Artisan and Vendor Bizarre, and The Conscious Awareness Gifted Children Readings and Energy Work Fair.

Services at the Synchronicities Super Saturday Conscious Awareness Readings and Energy Work Fair will include Tarot and Oracle Card readings, Mediumship, Chakra Balancing and Cord Cutting, Theta, Crystal healings, Sun Moon Healing, Drum and Rattle, Vibrational Sound and Reiki Energy healing, and Body Scan readings, Dream Walker Intuitive readings, Essential Oil sessions, Channeling, Automatic Writing, Lemormand, Runes, Lithomacy, Soul Piece retrieval, Shumanic chakra balancing, Star Seed Readings, Visionary Meditations, Energy Clearings, Sacred Energy Transformation, Dream Interpretation, Psycometry and Color readings, The Pyramid of Restoration (information can be found in the discussion regarding sign ups and what you can expect), and soooo much more! All services are $20 for 20 minutes during the fair. Cash, Cards or VENMO accepted at event via individual readers/energy workers.

Products offered at the quarterly Conscious Awareness Local Artisan and Vendor Bizarre will depend on the participating Artisans and Vendors at each of these events. (These events will be limited to 40 vendors max so contact Synchronicities to reserve your space!). You can email Ariel at synchronizedinvestments1111@gmail.com for more details.

Services and more information on the quarterly Gifted Children Readings and Energy Work Fairs will coming soon! These events will allow the community of Gifted Children to gather and practice their beautiful intuitive gifts with the community. These Events will be based on donations to the kids from the community participants. Come and enjoy a reading or energy work from these amazingly gifted children!

After each event there will be a Sound Bath offered from 7PM – 8PM for $20 per participant. The talented Facilitators will alternate each event so all will have a chance to participate and the attendees will have the opportunity to experience the unique experience of each!

We look forward to seeing you at these monthly High Vibration Oneness events!!

Admission Info

Phone: 8018647870

Email: mich_ing13@yahoo.com

Dates & Times

2019/07/20 - 2019/07/20

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9419 Union Square, Sandy, UT 84070

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