Sep 09 2019
Eliza Beth Whittington "Treat Me Like You Treat th...

Eliza Beth Whittington "Treat Me Like You Treat th...

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A young, queer activist living in Denver, Colorado, Eliza Beth Whittington has composed a provocative and surreal collection of poems that challenge readers’ sexual modesty and pulls no punches in their portrayal of our abused planet. With dizzying shifts of perspective, they blend ecological activism with erotic sadism, portraying the destruction of our earth as a violent rape fantasy.

Eliza is a queer poet, painter, parent, singer/songwriter and event organizer from Denver, Colorado. Raised on the high plains of Northern Colorado and the Western slopes of the Rocky Mountains, they have a deep connection to the natural world and acute aching for the state of the environment. Eliza has hosted events such as Annual Erotic Poetry Festival, Denver Annual Podeo and curated the music and poetry showcase, Heard at Hub. They have been a long-time featured poet with Art From Ashes, a non-profit that teaches poetry workshops to struggling youth in the Denver Metro Area, and have been featured in multiple publications includinging Stain’d Magazine and Suspect Press.

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