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Lisa Olson

Hello my name is Lisa. My fitness journey has had its ups and downs throughout my life. But first I will let you get to know a little more about me. I have lived in Utah my entire life. I grew up in a small town of Morgan with my two brothers and one sister. I married at a very young age (only 18 and just out of high school). This is where the battle with my weight began. I quickly went from a size 2 to a size 13. At that age I didn’t know fast food would make you gain weight so quickly; what happened to “eat whatever I want and not gain a pound”. I soon became pregnant and thought “I am pregnant so I can eat all the food want!”

After my son was born I started trying all the new weight loss gimmicks, fad diets, diet pills, and exercise equipment. Basically anything that promised fast weight loss. For nine years I played the rollercoaster weight loss game. I would lose weight only to gain it all back and more. I would exercised three to five times a week and follow what I thought was a good diet. I would end my exercise program or diet frustrated, depressed, and asking myself “What am I doing WRONG!”

In 2007 I saw an infomercial for P90X and bought the program. I wanted to get in shape before I got married to my second (current) husband. P90X changed the way I looked at exercising. For the first time in my life I started resistance/weight training. I was honestly very nerves because I did not know what to expect. I decided to do research on weight lifting and w

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